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ROOMBA SCI Interface using XBEE RF Modem

A cabled connection from your computer to the XBEE is cumbersome, at best. Bluetooth is awfully short range, and ZigBee has the capability to operate at longer distances. The RF Modem is the Digi International XBEE line. Either the short range module or the long range module may be used.
Since this is aimed at experimental work, the board is provisioned with LEDs to visually monitor the board as well as sufficient jumpers to allow the board to be used for other projects.


Easily fits on a single sheet.
Uses the FTDI USB UART device.
Jumpers allow it to be provisioned at the host or at the Roomba.
The signals to the Roomba are level shifted using an opoen collector driver. Choose a part that is 5 Volt tolerant.


Top Layers
Top Layers Postscript
Regulators on the left side allow use with either the battery supply on the Roomba, or an external wall wart.
P32 need not be installed in most cases as the both Roomba and USB should provide adequate power to the RF Modem.

Bottom Layers
Bottom Layers Postscript
Many of the components are marked on the bottom copper. Capacitors, for the most part, will be .1uF devices.

ALL Layers
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Parts List

Part List

Rather standard parts list. DigiKey part numbers.
Jumpers all list a part number for a 36 position strip, so don't over-order.
Enclosure from PacTec
Enclosure from Mouser

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